Our class rooms are equipped with constant, ubiquitous connectivity and are updated with technology so that learners may be able to adjust as early as possible with the changes happening now a days. The College has well designed and equipped air conditioned classrooms having adequate space. Bespoke audio/visual aids, LCD projectors, interactive board, laptop, portable sound system make the learning experience a world class one. Class tests on weekly or fortnightly pattern, quizzes, presentation etc. are some regular features of our classrooms. Both theoretical and practical centric classroom teachings are encouraged to ensure better learning experience.

The college library is a power house of information for faculty members, students, reserchers and anyone associated with the institution. Accessibility to knowledge resources from diverse sources , countries and authors facilitate better learning environment. Keeping this in view the library of the college under the guidance of a professor in- charge has been made well furnished and attempts are taken rigorously to achieve excellence. The library subscr ibes to 52 Indian and 21 foreign journals and has got 65,000 volumes. The library also have Ebooks and e-journals of national and International repute. A large number of volumes of current publications are added every year. It also boasts of housing back volumes of elite publications including Harvard Business Review etc. The library has more than 200 CDs and V C Ds,  annual reports, newsletters, research publications, Ph.D., thesis, and project reports for the benefit of the researchers. The ‘open access system’ facilitates free accessibility to books on the shelf in contrast to off the shelf accessibility.The library has been modernised by installing  Computerised Library Information System for faster access to information.
College seats are reserved in P. G. Girls Hostel of University where outstation students can get accommodation. The hostels are clean and the food is generally vegetarian.
The use of technology in the classroom can enhance learning. There’s a whole world of tools online that allow teachers to provide more skill-building knowledge than ever before. Keeping this view the college management pays keen interest on practical exposure to students with information technology. The college houses three extra large state of the art computer labs equipped with modern technical aids, having   more   than   300   computers, interconnected  over LAN  through Lenovo server. The computers are connected to WIFI   Connectivity. All three labs are sufficient to provide one to one sitting/usage facility on computers for unlimited duration. The students are given ‘Free hours on computer for open exercise of their knowledge’..There are additional Computer Organization Lab for practical exposure on hardware.
The College has a reading room where students can browse through relevant reference books, journals, national and international weekly, fortnightly, monthly and annual magazines, leading national dailies, newsletters, and project-reports. It remains open for 12 hours from 7 am to 7 pm and is supervised by a team of active and efficient support staff.

To address the basic shortfall of language teaching/ learning a standard and premium edition of digital language lab with extensive study material has been set up in the college. It encourages cooperative and collective learning through its interactive and live sessions. Practice sessions with instant scoring facility enable the learners to asses and review their individual development. The target is to facilitate proficiency in four basic skills of language learning i.e. Listening, speaking, Reading and writing (LSRW) which ensures the ability to communicate effectively at workplace.