Chairman Message

Established in 1973, Lalit Narayan Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur (BIHAR), belongs to the genre of new generation institutes of national importance in higher education in the domain of Technology and Management. Its aim is to build a sound foundation of knowledge, pursue excellence and enhance creativity in an academically stimulating environment. Today the institute is recognized as a centre of academic excellence, offering IT and Management Education at par with the best in the country. Located at Bhagwanpur, on the outskirts of Muzaffarpur, the institute campus extends over an area of 5.74 acres having about 450 undergraduate and 500 post graduate students on the rolls with a vision to make our students technologically superior and ethically strong, who inturn, shall appreciably ameliorate the quality of the human race. The objective is to develop the institute as a centre of excellence. The College has been evolving policies and programmes which will make the college a distinct addition to the national resources in higher education. It has identified and is concentrating upon major academic programmes which are vital to national progress and development. The aim is to provide meaningful education to conduct research of the highest standard and to provide leadership in technological innovation for the industrial growth of the country. The institute awards graduate and post graduate degrees in various branches of management and information technology.

The objective of the institute is to inculcate in the minds of young learners a sense of purpose and to help them to develop a balanced and integrated personality. The campus has all the amenities for developing the personal, social and academic skills of the community. Students from all over India study together in harmony at the institute and develop the personalities required by global industry and contribute to its cosmopolitan culture. The strength of the institute can be attributed to commitment of the management, its team of talented and distinguished teachers, its imaginative, creative disciplined and dedicated students and our determination to make it a centre of international repute.

Dr. Jagannath Mishra.
Former Chief Minister, Bihar and Former Union Minister.